Saturday, 29 October 2011

Once Upon A Time

Hey people! Thanks for visiting my blog again. Just a few minutes ago, my family and I were going through old photos. We kids got to see how our parents looked like when they were younger. We've seen some before, but this is way more, and when they were much younger. We found out quite a bit of our old folks here and had a great laugh with our whole family.
 This is my dad. He was in the Singapore Army. Looks pretty cool eh?
 And that's my mom.
Both my parents. Handsome and Beautiful.

 That's me as a baby.

 Oh dear, I wonder if I still sleep like that. I think I still do.
 Andy kor kor and I
 We call him Mr.Bean!
 My sister tried to match make my nephew and I. Yeap, that boy is my nephew and he's the same age as I am.
My sister and I at the beach

That's all for the photos, there are more on my Facebook album. Here's a few other clothes I haven't really worn before. Was sorting out my closet yesterday.

 Wore this once for sleeping at IO Camp. Never wore it again since then cause it's very very warm.. too warm for Malaysia.

That's all! Thanks for reading! Will try to find something more artsy to post about soon.

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