Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shrinking Things

Okay,fine. It isn't kids that I shrunk today. Let me show you a little thing I'd like to call MAGIC. 
 The magic only works with a certain kind of material. You'd have to look for a plastic with the number '6' inside the recycle symbol. I've been looking for a long time for it [it's usually no.5] and I've finally got one! And so, my journey to try the magic begins. 
 I've prepared my silver sharpie pen, and cut a piece of it.
 Then I decided to get more colours.

 This is where the magic starts to happen. I placed the special plastic into an oven to heat it up. You can do it using a heat gun as well, then you'd have a better control at it.
 Sorry if the picture's too small. Anyways, the plastic starts to curl all about like it's dancing! [Magic] Then, you'll notice that it gets tinier and tinier. Eventually, it'll flatten out. Look out for it though, if it curls and touches the other end, be sure to have a chopstick or a pencil to separate them.
It has shrunk! Check out the picture before and the picture now again. It shrunk till about 40-50% of it's actual size! Interesting eh? Well, if you want to play with this, and couldn't find the material above from any food packages or so, you could actually just go to a craft shop and request for 'shrink paper'. It doesn't have the same texture, but it's nice, smooth and flat like a regular white/transparent paper. Go crazy and have fun!

I ended my day with a nice cup of milo with mini marshmallows! Yum-yum-licious!

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