Sunday, 2 October 2011

My 'Son' And 'Daughter'

Hey people! As you could see on the top right of your screen, I call myself a 17 year old whose motherly instincts has kicked in. And that my dream is to be a SUPERMOM. Yes? Well, let me introduce my kiddos!
These two fellas beside me is my Lui Lui and my Sonnie! Su-zen and Adrian Tan! I don't have much time to pamper them yet, but wait for next year! Then you'll see! *smiles*

On the Friday that just passed, our school had an event called Theme Day. It's when the school is given a theme to dress up to. This time it's BOLLYWOOD.
 My sporting Sonnie and I. He's a bollywood housewife - that explains the apron.
Sadly, my Lui Lui did not come for this so I couldn't take a picture with her. Owh well.
 This is Zhi Wei! My crazy hyper friend who dares to do anything silly!
 And this is Joey. I used to be her classmate is Ace Ed Venture, and now we're schoolmates in Sirius Scholar! We ALWAYS go for Ace Camps together! Fun!
 The bollywood girls group picture!

That's all for now! I shall study and finish up my homework! Bye!

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