Monday, 24 October 2011

Abandoned Dresses

 Since a few years back, if I wasn't wrong, I've wanted to re-try those baby biscuits. I know I ate them when I was young before, but I couldn't remember how they taste like. In my mind, they are soft and would melt in your mouth. I finally actually went to buy some. Yes, I know I'm weird. But it's life, try everything. So I bought this :
I saw that they had banana flavour, and was thinking to buy that, but the packet was much bigger so I changed my mind. The original flavour came in both small and big boxes. At night, I sneaked down and opened it. It was.. not the soft cookie I thought it would be at all. Oh well, perhaps it'll only become soft when it's in my mouth. So I took a bite, and I was WRONG. It was hard and crunchy! I wonder how babies could eat them. It doesn't taste very bad actually, just that it had this Barley smell which I didn't like much. I ain't a big fan of barley. Yuck. So, I finished that one cookie and didn't touch it ever since. I hope they'll disguise as regular cookies in the kitchen so my family would eat em. [I threw the box]

 Since a few years back, I've enjoyed buying pretty dresses and other clothings. The thing was, I seldom wear them. In fact, once I buy them, I don't wear them at all! Especially dresses, I couldn't find the right occasion to wear. And if I do, I'd always wear the same few. I've got to start learning to wear these abandoned pretty clothes! Help!
 I like the design on this one. It's not like those fancy dinner dresses or so. I find it really nice, just that sometimes when I look in the mirror, I find myself looking fat. The dress has a little bowl-ish shape at the part with patterns. I always try them on, but decide not to go out with it after. Opps.
 This one gives me a homey feeling somehow. It looks sorta like an apron dress.
This here makes me feel like some barbie doll. I never wore it before because I always find it too short. I prefer being able to run around like a homeless child without worries than having to walk slowly and gently like some [what should I write in this blank?]. It has pretty pink apples though and really really look doll-ish. Especially if you have some matching pink shoes and handbags, no?
Well, that is all for this post! Thanks for reading! I might post more unworn clothes soon. All these above have NEVER been worn out. Really. Even that hat in the first picture.