Saturday, 19 November 2011

Appreciation Day

Hey all! I miss posting something on my SUPERMOM blog! Sorry that I haven't been updating it for 4, almost 5 days now. My IGCSE has finally ENDED! Though I still have NCC exam on Monday. Oh well, just one more to go! Anyways, today is Appreciation Day. And since I'm form5 already, it's my last appreciation day. The form5s performed 'Sunrise' by In The Heights and sang the Ace Ed Venture song. The song was practiced once a week starting from about 2months ago and the movements were only fixed on the recent Friday 5pm+. Even so, it all went really well and I'm proud of the other Form5s! They were so much fun to perform with. I'm going to miss Sirius Scholar a lot. Growing up with Ace had been so much fun! And seeing the younger ones grow up even stronger had been a beautiful experience (motherly instincts kicking in). I don't have much to talk about now, but at the end of this post, I will be writing down my thoughts to a few individuals from Sirius Scholar.
At appreciation day, art pieces were framed up and placed outside to sell.
 I really loved the student's artworks. All of them turned out extremely well. I myself had two that were placed outside to be sold - none got sold though, but it's alright. It was fun watching it on display.
Here's one of my artwork that was not displayed because it was only framed the day before and could not make it there in time.
My lovely pheonix. Although a little out of shape, I really liked it. It's a little disappointing that it wasn't able to be there on time though. Below's a painting of a dolphin splashing out of the waters. I'm cutting it out to make a '3D' kind of art. Will post the end results when it's done.
That's all for the artsy stuff. Here's something lucky!

Recently, Meeples - the popular board game cafe, had a lucky draw called 'Catan Rocks'. There are 3 chances to get involved in the lucky draw.
  1. Like & comment on their photo
  2. Like the picture before 3rd Nov
  3. Be there in person on the drawing date
I only found out about it on 4th November, and couldn't be there in person on that day. So I only had one chance in the entire lucky draw. I've randomly joined these things before, but never once did I get anything. I didn't really bother to push for these things knowing that the chances are slim, but I just go ahead and participate in simple ones anyways. I've never ever thought that I would ever get anything... but this time :
 Someone from Meeples pm-ed me on Facebook saying I won 1st prize in their lucky draw! I was so surprised! Few months back, I wanted to buy a new extension and now I won and got a new map! It's not the extension, but still, it's something I could play with! Awesome. I was so excited when I found out that I jumped around the house telling my sister and parents about it. They didn't gave much response/reaction to it, but it felt exciting jumping about.
 My prize : A membership card [I already have one, so I'm selling it off for a cheaper price], Five 2hr Meeples voucher, and a new map!

Oh! And look at that! My mum's new iphone cover. She's always telling us she wants to stop drinking coffee because it's bad for her but her iphone cover tells us she misses it too much. Well, hopefully she could 'taste' the coffee just by looking at her phone next time!

That is all for the post today! Thanks for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed your day and this post!

Posting To Individuals. 
I'm not going to write your names here, so I'll post them by numbers and let you know your numbers after. They're all going to be quite short though, as I'm not very expressive in words sometimes.

  1. Hey there! I really love how you are very active and sporting. You're brave and don't mind being silly at times. It's a huge advantage in life, so grab hold onto it and don't give up! I can tell that you're a wonderful friend. I may not hang out with you and your friends a lot, but by the looks of it, you are. From what I see, you care a lot for all those around you. There was once where you walked a girl elsewhere cause her parents or something was waiting there, and I thought it was very nice of you as it was raining as well, and you walked back yourself under the rain. It's really sweet to do such things and I'm sure people would really notice little things like this and appreciate you for who you are. You're also a wonderful dancer! I've seen you dance and you can really stand out of the crowd. You've got the energy and the heart for it. So yeah, keep it up!
  2. From my eyes before, you were a very very shy person. You hide away most of the time and look down on yourself. You don't have to though, you're a wonderful person inside, and you should let yourself shine brighter! You can do so much better wearing confidence. I've seen you today and you were amazing. I was really surprised and know that there's so much more things for you to learn and grow! You've taken a step out of your comfort zone, continue stepping out and don't be discouraged! 
  3. Hey! Although I may not have known you very well, but I find you very special. Very very special. You're very humble at nature and that's something that makes me admire you. I love that you always smile to everyone around you and I find you very gentle and loving. You have a wonderful voice which gives me goosebumps every time I hear you sing. I just want to say that you're amazing as you are, and continue to grow in such a way. That is all.
  4. Hello! You've left school for a while now. Though I've never really talked to you except saying hi, I've noticed how you were in school before. You're very daring and sporting. And I like it that you'd go all out in presentations and activities. You always bring laughter with you everywhere you go and I think that's amazing. Never ever let loose of who you are, no matter how bad things may go. I somehow feel that you will grow to a very very successful person in life. I never really know you that well, but that's how I felt. Someday, you're going to make a difference in the marketplace. Keep it up!
  5. You are SUPER good at acting! Really. I know that you already know that, but I just find that I had to say it. You are SUPER good! I could really see you as your character when you did the practices in drama. You added humour into it and it turned out superb! Great job!
  6. A wonderful dancer with a great attitude! Young as you are, you're very very talented! I've seen you perform today and noticed the attitude you brought out when dancing. It really really made a difference in the dance and stand out a lot! I like it that you always go all out in dancing and does your very best! Don't really know you very well, but yeah. Continue on with what you're doing, it's awesome!
 That is all! Thanks for dropping by!

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