Monday, 28 November 2011

Turquoise Hexagon Bag

BERNINA. What's that? It's a sewing machine brand! Recently, I've been to a workshop to learn how to sew a Hexagon bag! And they used this sewing machine brand. The owner say it's a pretty good brand, but slightly pricey. The one in the picture below cost RM7000+. Yikes! Anyways, on it's left is my little hexagon bag in the making! I got to know about this workshop from Fabric Fanatics. The teacher of this workshop is Florence Lui from House Of Handmade! Feel free to check their pages out!

 The base is all pinned up, ready to be sewn!
Sadly, the insides is a bit ugly because of the handle. Oh well, it's only the inside - It'll usually only be me who sees it.
  Sewing the 2nd handle.
 All done! Turquoise Rose Hexagon Bag. I love it!
This is how the bottom looks like! It gives a bigger space to put more stuff! It looks beautiful doesn't it?
My first handmade bag! Proud of it! Oh! And I love the colour!


  1. Wow, Jolene, you are great. I am so proud of you.
    Thanks for the picture.

  2. Thanks for having the workshop Florence! I enjoyed it a lot! (: