Saturday, 5 November 2011

Roxy Turns 5

No, her big day is not today. It was on 30th October, but we only celebrated now.
 Roxy in her birthday hat!

 The plate was placed further away from her so I could still pick it up quickly IF she charges towards it. Which she didn't and I'm very proud of her - the peanut butter smell was so strong which makes it pretty hard to resist. I gave the cue to sit and stay, then placed the cake down and asked her to 'look at me' to get this picture.
 Finally, a slice of cake! (She ate a few slices)

 If you've watched Roxy do the many tricks that she knows, you should know that when I say ''come" in a normal tone, she'd rush over. But if I say "come" in a softer tone, she'll walk slowly. Here, I made her sit and wait a while. Then told her in a gentle soft voice "come, wait.. come, wait.." and finish off with a "down". That's how I got this picture. She was ready to charge at it.
"Eat" was the magic command that results in the picture above!
The cake is shared with Moo Moo, who basically just gobble the whole chunk up. She LOVES food. Really. Her talent is having the "Ninja Eating Skill". 

Both dogs ate up to half the cake. Of course, Moo Moo was ready to munch on everything left, but too much cake wouldn't be too good for them would it? I ain't so sure. And that's that. The End!

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