Sunday, 13 November 2011

What's Your Fortune?

Fortune cookies! What do you love about fortune cookies? Do you believe the fortune inside? For me, it's not much about what the fortune means or how delicious the cookie is. I just enjoy the fun of cracking a fortune cookie open to see the mystery inside. I do know some people like that, buying fortune cookies just to crack it open. There goes RM1. Anyways, I thought fortune cookies are a very adorable idea! And so, I decided to make them. Not the ones for eating, but ones with polymer clay!
 These fortune cookies have a little pink heart on it's side. The paper you see there, could be removed, be written on and put back, or to be replaced by another piece of paper! It's possible for it to fall out, but it doesn't fall out as easy if you cut the paper the right size. These are going for sale at RM7 each, RM11 if the string for pendant is needed. Once it's varnished and ready, it'll be put up on Facebook till I have the time to head over Yii-Tou and place it there.
 Close up of the unvarnished fortune cookie!
 These are plain fortune cookies. I'm planning to actually dip part of them in 'chocolate' and add a tiny flower or diamond deco on the side. Will see how it works.
 Mini fortune cookies to be made into earrings!

 These pink flowers were made with a carnation flower mold. I just used the mold to cut out the petals and used a toothpick to prick the end for a nicer look. I was thinking to make it into a pendant, with leaves or a smaller sized flower as the earrings. Would try that when I have time. These are all I can make for now.
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