Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Hat Fit For My Pooch

30th November 2006. A beautiful fluff ball was born. 
That is her in 2010. My little baby Roxy. This year, Roxy's turning 5 years old! Since she was 1 till now, she never had anything special on her birthday. Nothing much. So this time, I'm planning to make her a hat [Hopefully she doesn't tear it down before pictures are taken], and bake a dog-safe cake for her! The cake needs to be done tomorrow though, as some ingredients are missing from the magical kitchen.

Anyways, here's a few pictures showing how I made her birthday hat!
 I curled different strands of yarn strings around my thumb and index finger. When I'm satisfied with the thickness, I used a white yarn string to wrap the middle and tie it tight.
 The yarn strings are now tied up.
 I cut the ends of each loop, trimmed a bit and fluffed it up to make it look more like a ball. Finally, attach the ball to a paper cone.

 This is the end result. I cut out printed patterned paper and write some stuff on. Now, the hard task tomorrow - How to place it on Roxy's head. I'm pretty sure she'll try getting it off as soon as I put it on her. We'll see. Update you guys tomorrow!


  1. awww :)

    Roxy's really blessed to have you as her owner :))

  2. hahaha! But 5 years one bday celebration wor. Belated some more. haha!