Saturday, 10 November 2012

Necklaces And Bracelets

 Hey everyone. Here's a short post to show you what's new in the mail! I'm currently getting more items to test if their design is as shown as in the pictures, and if they're quality is good. So here's a few that came in a while back but I didn't had the time to sort out.
 Gold Line Flowers. Aren't they just darlings? I love this necklace the most compared to all the others. Classy and feminine. I only ordered one this time, but I foresee that I will order more real soon. Anyone interested?
 Aloha Hawaiian Bracelet. Attach this bracelet to a chain and make it a full necklace which would sit on your neck highlighting your lovely features. Great if you like gorgeous necklaces that stands out more.
 A contrast to the one above. This one is small, gentle with light warm colours. Suitable for casual hangouts too.

That is all for now! Tata!

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