Monday, 19 November 2012

The Beginning Of...

 Hey everyone! How are you? I've been an air stewardess lately!
 Nah, just kidding. I love this dress. The ribbon on my neck is actually for the waist. It's sewn to the dress itself, but could reach my neck and tie a bow! I like how it looks from the front. It's a little funny from the back though.
 'Add New Product'? Hmm? What's going on?
 BoxOfHobbies is going have a website of their own! I'm really excited about this. A lot of needs to edit and put up, but it's all going to be worth it! I'm not too sure when I should launch it though. Perhaps I got to get more products in first. But that would take some time.
 Sneak Peak. In this picture, I haven't published everything.. just a couple of items for trial run.
I'm excited about it. How about you? 

I don't have much to talk about now as it's a tinsy bit busy season as well. Finals is next week and I'm actually going to have a test today! Yikes! Well, I'll update you again soon. That's all for today.
I love them.


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