Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tic Tac Toe Costume

Last costume for now of the month!
The Tic Tac Toe Costume! Who says you can't have fun after dressing up?
Here's what you need :
A Plain Board (for base)
4 Different Coloured Felt
Random Round Object (Optional)
 To make the base stiff, tape/glue a large piece of felt (We got ours from Daiso at Rm5) on a large plain board. You can reuse any old board you have at home.
Before sticking them down completely,

 You have to cut out a strip to hang over your neck to carry the board. Glue/Tape them in between the felt and the plain board. This will allow it to carry a heavier weight compared to only sticking it in front or behind the two pieces (board + felt piece).
When that is done, cut out long black strips of felt (or any other colour) to make the crisscross pattern as shown above. 
Next, you'll have to cut out the shapes X and O. You can plan how many you want and cut them out accordingly. Then, prepare some velcro to stick on four corners of the shape. This allows it to be played as a game. You can stick them in place right away.

And you're done! Wear any base clothing you want. You won't be able to really see it anyways.
That is all! Thank you for dropping by!

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