Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Emerge Beauty Pageant 2013

Hello beautiful people!
I'm not sure where to start this post with.. 
It's about Emerge Beauty Pageant which happened a couple of months back. Wanted to post about it then, but I just didn't. Opps.

So, once upon a time in 2013, there was a huge event going on in City Harvest. It's called EmergeKL.
There were 4 clusters hunting tons of people down to join competitions. I was one of them who got called to join the beauty pageant competition.

I didn't want to at first. More afraid of the questions than walking with heels.
Unfortunately for the girls side, we were really lacking people. If I joined, I'd only be contestant no.2, so... being a cluster leader the previous year I knew it wasn't easy finding people. And so I joined.

 We had the prelims where we introduced ourselves in a few sentences. It wasn't that bad. In fact, I wasn't nervous at all. I guess it was also because we were able to prepare it beforehand.
 Here's me randomly trying out the fierce not-smiling look :
 Introducing myself and what I love to do (crafts!)
Super love this photo! Thanks Derrick!
 My beautiful makeup artist - Angela
I think she has one of the best makeup skills ever!
After the prelims, we had some activities going on for the 12 finalists.
Carl Graham was one of our trainers for cat walking.

*fast forward*
Then comes the finals.

We had a dress fitting a few nights before.I picked out a pinkish purple dress which matched my hair.

 Thank you SMU for creating those props. I'm still keeping it in my memory box.

 This was how they prepared my hair. haha! It was pretty weird walking around with my head tied up like that.
 We had another cat walk once again.
And the top five was chosen :
 I was one of them. I wasn't sure to be happy or not. Because if you're chosen as top 5, that means you have questions coming your way... yikes!
 Then, it was my turn. Hmm.. I can only say I did pretty bad with my questions. It was sooooo embarrassing I didn't know where to hide my face. Oh brain, why did you leave me when I needed you most?

I got to admit. I was really really disappointed in myself for the questions.

Well, I'm glad all those are over.
It was self-declared photo session right after! I think I was one of the pageants that went back to change the slowest. Everyone was already done and had left when I walked in the back room.

 My Sabby!
 My 'Lou Gong' & 'Child'?
 The DDs!
 Props Team
 Chronicles the celebrity ! Wooo!!!

and of course.. my no.1 supporter the entire way :

Was a little lazy to crop the photo above. heh.



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