Monday, 25 November 2013

Tribal Dolphin Drawing

Here's a drawing I did while waiting for my dad one day.
Unfortunately, I did not bring my beloved sketchbook and had to drawn on a book with lines.
Here goes :
My attempt at drawing a Tribal Dolphin. There were no pictures for examples. The drawing 'jumped' out of my brain onto the paper. I think I'm quite satisfied with the end result.
How do you like it so far? My favourite is the face and the tail.
This is the completed drawing.
I did several drawings like these before and am proud to say that there were people who said they'd like to get tattoos with my designs! A friend's mom also asked for me to create a customized 'unicorn carousel' design. Which, I did but didn't really finish up and sorta lost it. Opps! Oh well, I'd probably try that again one day.

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