Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chunk Of Craftiness #1


Hi everyone!
Here's a little update on what I've been doing at my class.
For those who may not know, I'm taking up a clay class where classes are flexible.
I plan to make my work there as complicated as possible... really.
My aim is to make every project I have complicated whereby the teacher has no choice but to teach me more things. HAHA! If I choose to do simple projects, I might as well not take up classes, don't you think so? So, yeah.. I'm here to learn as much as possible and make everything complicated! I already have a couple of uber awesome ideas I can't wait to try! (The teacher says I got to do the basic ones first)

My first project was a monkey clock :
I'm quite satisfy with it. Have already bought the mechanism (actually I bought a whole clock.. and can't seem to tear them apart) but still in the midst of putting it together.

My upcoming project is....
I ain't gonna tell you just yet.. but I think you'll figure it out.
These are not real stones. They are made from clay. I've been making tons and tons of them from the BoxOfHobbies factory!
Look! More stones!
They make my hands tired.
And look! Even MORE stones!
Obviously you can see that its for some kind of base. I did grass for the monkey clock, and so, making life more complicated, I requested to do a whole stone base for my 2nd project. And taadaaaaa.. I'm crying stones daily. But it's alright! It'll be worth it! Woohoo!

k.. I think I don't need much explanation.. basically just more stones if you haven't realized yet.
 Yay! Something that's not stones!
What are they?
 A head!
 Another head!
Yeap! That's right, I'm making humans!
Cute looking humans. It's pretty interesting how the head was made.
 I made the basic structure and added their butts!
Then it was time to put on some clothing. This ain't the actual colour of his pants, it's just that he needed to be fatter and I didn't want to waste my mixed clay (skin colour) for it.
She's got to put on some really thick fabric!

And yeah, this is my 2nd project for now.
I've made some roses too, but I'll post that up the next time.

Thanks for dropping by!

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