Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sweet Charm Bracelets

Hi everyone.
Last month I bought quite a number of charms to experiment with, and thought of making a few charm bracelets. I added random beads I have at home. Some of the beads were from more than 3 years back! Time to find them a proper 'home' to belong to.

Well, here they are!
I think I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

This one looks like it's from some magical fantasy doesn't it?

I love the details of the golden cross.

Dolphins with an apple green theme.

Made with beads at home and lovely charms.

These are all for sale at BoxOfHobbies ! So if you're interested, do leave a message there!
They're all one of a kind. No repeats.

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That's all! Thanks for dropping by!

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