Saturday, 23 November 2013

Flower Pot Costume Tutorial

 Hello there! We're making a flower pot costume today!

 Here's what you will need :
Perspex cutter / Blade
Hammer (To aid with cutting the pail)
Faux Flowers
Drill (optional)
Basic White Top (optional)

 The first thing you will be needing is the pail! You'll have to use the blade/perspex cutter to cut a circle in the base of the pail as shown above. You can also use a hammer to aid by hitting the blade/cutter into the pail for a start. This will make the flower pot.
 The next thing you will need are the flowers. Gently tape the flowers around the sides of the pail to make it seem like the flowers are growing out of the flower pot.
If you have extras, you can always use the headband twined together with the extra flowers to make a lovely flower crown. Trim the ends if it's too long.
When you're done, you can match it with a basic white top and you'll look like this!
You can also dress in other colours to make it more colourful. Flower pots can be filled with all sorts of flowers anyways!

We also have a video on Appetit's Youtube Channel!

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