Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tutorial : Tuna Bruchetta

Hey everyone. Sorry for the long awaited post. My hands and mind have been pretty tied up these days.
I'm currently working now (will update you on that later), and have been preparing for a brand new bazaar experience! 
  It's a Wedding Bazaar ! I'm joining as a vendor for wedding favors. Planning has got my head cracked up pretty bad. Pricing's a headache, but well, everybody needs go through these before having things smooth sailing isn't it? It scared me when I was told to be prepared for orders up to a thousand pcs!
Anyways, back to the post. Today, I'll be teaching you how to make your own Tuna Bruschetta !
Yumzies. Here's what you need :
1) Tuna (I used mild tuna)
2) Cheese
3) Seaweed
4) Crackers/Potato chips
5) Baguette (french bread)
6) Toaster 
7) a HUNGRY tummy!

 Tune Mild Mayonnaise. I thought it would taste nicer with some spice. Apparently, it didn't come out spicy at all. Hmm..
 Lots and lots of fresh cut baguette! 
 Alright, start by placing pieces of seaweed on baguette pieces.
 Then, get a spoonful of tuna and spread it right on top of the seaweed.
This is where you can add your crackers or chips. I didn't add them to all the baguettes, just a couple of em.
 My all time favourite, CHEESE!
How can you have bruchette without cheese? That must be a sin. 
Kidding. I tried these cheese and also those pizza toppings that come separately with mozzarella or cheddar. Those worked better and gave a nice cheesy top coat.
 Add some torn up seaweed for 'decoration'
 Into the toaster!!
 Tadaa!!! your bruchetta is done!
Have a bite into it and feel the tuna bursting into your mouth with a dash of flavour! (yada yada yada.. )
Alrighty! That's all for today's post! I have missed my dear blog so so very much!
Hope you enjoyed reading! Toodles!

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