Thursday, 28 March 2013

Office Trick : Binding Clips To Hold Handphone Cables

 Hello beautiful people of planet earth!
Some of you already know that I started work in my old school. Well, nothing much for today's post, but I just thought of sharing a simple trick that may come in handy.

 Whee! Screenshot this and saved it. What for? I have no idea. Just proud to be part of the team I suppose.
Anyways, here goes..

 Tadaa! A simple trick with an office binding clip to keep your charger cables up. You need not hunt for the cables anymore. The plug points from where I sit are on the floor, and there isn't much space around too.. I always had to roll my chair out just to get the phone cable. Pretty troublesome for a tiny office so I did this!

What to do : 
1. Get blue tact or anything sticky.
2. Stick the binding clip with it.
3. Use your cable to go through the hoop right there.

My binding clip not only holds my hand phone cable, but it also holds my ear phones now! How useful.
  Well, that's all. Tata!

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