Friday, 8 March 2013

Oreogami ; An Oreo Animation, and Balloon Sculpting!

Hi everyone!
How many of you love oreo cookies?!! *raises both hands in the air and waves them like a madman*
Well, a friend of mine tagged me in a video and I found it really interesting!
Have a look!
It may just be a 30 second video, but the process of making it wasn't easy.
Every little frame was done with care and patience. Kelly Cheatle did the oreo styling, and Larry Moss did the animation. The idea was bloomed from these two person deciding to have a cookie break after some experiments with stop motion style animation. Really cool isn't it? Maybe we should start having more cookie breaks too!

From this little link of awesomeness, I found out something more about both of them which became even more awesome! Kelly and Larry are actually from which creates impressive sculptures all from balloons! 
 Check this out! 40,781 non-round balloons were used to make everything you see in this picture (except the two designers by the ball). Even the grass are made of latex balloons! The sculpture is known to be 25 feet tall and 80 feet wide! Incredible!

Below are two of my favourites from their gallery - Once Upon A Time. They are made with a combination of balloon sculpture, photography and illustration.
 Love it! Something unique and new.
Do check out their site and browse through their awesome galleries!

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