Saturday, 23 November 2013

Egglicious Costume

Who here love eggs?!
Who here loves them so much that you would want to be an egg! 
Well, with this tutorial, you CAN!
We'll be making an egg costume today!

What you will need :
White felt
Yellow felt
Sewing needle and thread

Place two pieces of white felt together, and draw an irregular circle. This would be the egg white!
Then cut it out (:
This was halfway through the video
*spot the salmon from my previous post behind!*
Next, place the yellow felt on top of the white cut out felt and decide how big you want your yolk to be. Draw a circle and cut it out. You can use any round object to guide you. I did it free hand. If you're good at that, go ahead. It's okay to be slightly off too.

Then, attach both white pieces with velcro on the side. Be sure that you don't place the velcro in the middle as you will be sandwiched in the middle of the egg costume.

And that's all! Have an egglicious day!

To check out the video, head on over here!

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