Sunday, 10 November 2013

Miscellaneous October

Another miscellaneous post on the awesome October that has passed!
I murdered a bunny! *gasp*
Kidding. A friend's Line Bunny head fell off from it's pluggy. It was a different kind of pluggy where the plastic goes into the bunny's head. It broke in half and I was using the knife (it's my craft knife.. I don't use it for food) to get it out.. Wasn't very successful with it though. I used a flat head pluggy to fix it instead.
The diamonds were originally dangling where the pearls are. They were white and had turned yellow. A customer of mine brought it to me to change them into these lovely white pearls.

I saw something similar online and thought I should try it out. I think it looks pretty nice as a simple necklace. What do you think? (I prefer the smaller one)

Something I'm up to at the moment.. can you guess what they are?
  And a little something for halloween!
Looks pretty simple doesn't it? It's actually a key pouch!
You keep your keys tied to the ribbon inside so it's all gathered at one place, and looks neater (and cuter).

Finally sewed eyes for this little whale. Poor thing.. it was sorta blind for a while.
Drew some random sketches with Loveen Tan the awesomest Love you can find on earth!
Attempted to sew a top.
Note to self : Don't be too ambitious!
So.. yeah... it turned out alright actually.. just a little short and out of shape?
hahah! I only sew tiny stuff before, and the huge leap to making a wearable something was.. a bad decision. Oh well. Will try it again one day!
And I did needle paintings of little pandas on plain white earrings!
I think they're adorable. I like how each one is different.. (the right one is fatter than the left!)

That's all!

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