Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Attempt On Salmon Porridge

Once upon a time, I ate a superbly delicious porridge. It was soooo good that I just had to try making it! And thus the salmon porridge experiment.

I was pretty excited when I came across this whole chunk of salmon at only Rm12 in Empire's Jaya Grocer. It's much cheaper as they are mostly parts that are unwanted (bones, tail and everything). I thought it was a great idea to use it and try out the salmon porridge. So I bought it.
 Of course, what's salmon porridge without a nice chunk of salmon meat? I bought this to be added in later so that they'll be pieces to munch on.
 Together with my maid (my sensei), we washed the fish and boiled it to make the porridge 'soup'.
 When that was done, it was my job to separate all the meat and the bones.
There was soooo much meat! And of course, crazy a lot of bones too! Bones that you'll need super vision to catch.
  The meat was added back in the porridge together with some seseme oil, salt and pepper. The bigger chunk of meat from the second salmon was placed on another plate with soy sauce, salt and pepper (taste super awesome!).
 Looks good doesn't it?

Unfortunately.. as they say, looks can be deceiving.
The salmon porridge didn't turn out how I expected it to be. Thank goodness I had that extra piece of salmon meat! What's my mistake? I really don't know, but I think I should've added soy sauce in the porridge too. I guess I'll have to make a second round to figure it out ;) heh!


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