Monday, 7 October 2013

All About Avians

 Look everyone! It's my new little friend!
(Who has no name because G-Shen was too lazy to come up with one)
 *screams in wonders* It's standing on my hand and not flying away!!
See! (: How cool is that? I want one too!

Today's post is on my drawing of a peacock some time back. I haven't really touched colour pencils in a very very long time. So, I decided to go back to basics and experiment with them. You can say this is my first colour pencil artwork excluding all those childhood scribbles and doodles.

I started out with a plain pencil drawing of a peacock.
I've always been fond of drawing birds especially pheonix but decided that I wanted to try something similar yet different.
 I always had a fear of using colour pencils in my nicely drawn pencil art where i was already satisfied with the results in black and white. I was always afraid that the colour pencils might ruin the whole thing. But, never try never know huh? I prepared my heart for the worst outcome I can imagine.
 I didn't know where to start. I just coloured in everything in light blue.
Slowly, I started darkening certain lines and shade in necessary areas.
 So far so good. I really liked how the colours turned out. Especially the face and the body.

 I followed the lines drawn on the top of the head and added in the eyes.
I was praying so hard that the eyes would turn out alright.

 The I coloured in the rest of the tail feathers.
 Tadaa!!! I was really happy with the results I couldn't stop staring at it and admiring it for at least an hour!
I guess the peacock being dressed in my favourite colour contributed a lot to my love for it.
Summary of the whole colouring process.

And to end the post, here's a few of my previous artworks on avians.

 Different types of eagles.
Sorry for the bad photo quality.
 Last but not least, my ultimate favourite..



Painted with Buncho paint.

That's all for today! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. wow. love your Phoenix. reminded me so much of hunger games :D

    1. :D Thank you!! (: Am glad you love it! :P Hunger games is awesome! :D

  2. Wow!! I love your peacock and phoenix! You draw so well :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Onellyantie! (: Glad you love them! :D
      I love lots of your stuff too and hope to try out some of them soon! ;) hehe.