Monday, 23 September 2013

Clay Monkey Clock

Transforming a plain clock board.
I recently started using some air dry clay, especially for coating larger surfaces since oven baked clay can be really really really expensive. Besides, larger items can't fit into my little oven anyways.

I started exploring and learning more on these artsy fartsy skills and have journeyed into making a monkey cartoon clock. I'm quite happy with the results. In which you'll see later on.
 I coated the middle part of the clock board with 2 coloured clay. Beige and beige with a hint of brown mixed into it. Then, I sorta scrapped it for the wooden effect. Blending them with my fingers occasionally.
 Then I started making twines and placing them on top of the board. I didn't stick it there just yet though, I left it aside to dry while I continue on other parts of the clock.
 The next thing I did was to coat the bottom base with green clay. Making it look like grass grew all over.
There was a tiny patch of brown on the bottom left for a more natural look.
 After that, I attached the twines and made some hearts to go along.
 When that was done, the monkeys came swinging by. I actually made them much earlier on as they needed to be left to dry before sticking em down the the clock base.
 More details like their eyes were added, then fresh green leaves on the twines and everywhere else.
 I quite like how they turned out. The pattern and shape of the leaves, and the way the little vines curl up nicely.

 My cheeky little monkeys. The one of the left is the biggest. It's eyes seems to be a little too scary though. Like they're popping out and may fall off anytime. I like the monkey holding the leaf as an 'umbrella' What about you?
We also have another little guy right down here :
 He's the tiniest of all 3 monkeys and even has got a banana for himself!

My lovely monkey clock. I really like how it turned out to be. Happy!
 It was a lot of effort and many hours were spent making this. About a 3 days combination of 22hours in total. Satisfied with the results.

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