Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tutorial : Union Jack Mustache

 Union Jack Mustache Necklace.
Believe it or not, this union jack mustache necklace was once plain black.
 This was how it started...
 I didn't paint the background first as the background is blue and the stripes white.
I roughly drew the white lines, and then touched up each stripes' sides.
 Then, blue paint was painted on the mustache curls. I used the tip of a brush to carefully paint near the white lines. Touched up with the help of a sewing needle. To use a needle for touching up, dip in paint and dip on the spot you want to paint gently. Do not paint like a normal brush, you might scrape of existing paint instead of adding.
 As for the red stripes which are even thinner, I completely used my sewing needle to draw that. Brushes are harder to control and may spoil the other painted surfaces.
 Add some gloss and tadaa! The union jack mustache is done!
Here's a summary photo :
That's all for today!
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