Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wire Works

Hey people! I'm sure you guys know that I love kids right? Let me introduce a few of my children church's kids to you! I've been teaching the junior class lately and couldn't resist but to take pictures with them!
 Meet Alethia.
 This chubby little boy is Reuben!
 Abigail. She's got super huge round eyes.
Playing masak masak. Abigail feeding teacher Jolene.

Aren't kids simply adorable? It always make me smile when they do. They're just lovely to have around.
Anyways, let me show you what I have been up to today. I got some artistic wires a while back and decided to try them out today. It didn't turn out exactly like I want it to be, but it turned out pretty much okay too. It's going to be for sale at BoxOfHobbies soon. Thanks again.
This is the base of it. I've added some shiny stuff or whatsoever.
 The very first one.
 The second.
 The third.
 BoxOfHobbies also came up with several button earrings.
7 pairs in total, and 2 pairs were sold out already. (Purple + Beige). That is all for now. More jelly and other stuff will be in. And with that, I shall say "Good night!". okay.