Monday, 5 March 2012

My Awkward Surprise!

 Before we get to the awkward surprise, let me show you what I bought on Saturday at a Supplies Bazaar. It's RM63.50 in total!
Dollies, Stamps, Buttons, A mold, Metal pieces.

 This set of stamp only cost RM10!!! They're usually about RM30 or RM40.

Alright alright! Here's the best thing this morning!! THE AWKWARD SURPRISE! I woke up this morning, went to check my eye (it was a little pain since 2days ago), and sat in front of the computer. I only noticed this little guy when my maid came by and say "Eh Jo, you buy this?"
 I started jumping all around going "AHHHHH!!!!!!!! AWKWARD RHINO!! From who?!!!!!!" I couldn't stop smiling, laughing and jumping around! Ahhhh!!! Even now! hahahah!! Gosh. I started listing out names in my mind of who could have gave me this. I only have a few guesses though (less than 5).

 Look at that rhino on my head!!!
 ...and on my hand!!!
My lovely new adorable itty bitty little AWKWARD rhino! Hee! <3 
...and you know what? I STILL don't know who it's from!!! Ahhh!!! Gosh!!! URGHHH!! Thank you though! Whoever you may be!!! Ahhh!!!! 

That is all for this post. Hee! Thanks for dropping by. Before I go.. let me say.. 


  1. Nice one! You're one lucky girl! (:
    Be careful. I might kidnap your awkward rhino! :p

  2. Yeah! Super lucky! <3 Would never thought I'd really get one. Was hoping to buy from WongFuKL then, but they didn't have it and it's pretty pricey. heh! Super happy! :D *dances like a hedgehog with a pink tutu!*