Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Wedding Project !

Hey people! Here's 2 random picture of me in my adorable penguin jacket driving to college!
 Don't you find my jacket adorable? Anyways, I've got a pretty exciting post today! (It's interesting to me, I hope it is to you too!). In the previous month, I've received a customized order to make a wedding gift! It's a bigger project than my usual tiny crafts and I was really excited to start working on it! I started off with drawing how I think it should look like, then went off shopping for the materials needed and re-drawing it. (materials bought looks slightly different. The glass)
 A bunch of beige clay is conditioned for making the couple. I started off making the girl. Girl's are always easier to make. The guy's hair is something I had to keep fixing. It'd look very funny at times.
 The progress. I added beads to the back of her dress as it is so in her facebook picture.
A brownish black shade for her hair.
 Time to make the guy! Loving how it looks so far!
 Managed to fix both their hair.
 Rose for the bride, and specs for the groom.
 The end result of the bride and groom. A coat of varnish is added for the shiny look. Love it!
This is the end result of the whole project. I've got to make the roses one by one, stick a few together and then stick all of them forming a rim around the glass. It turned out pretty lovely.
 The top of the glass. The wedding couple met at CHC, and so, my customer decided she wants to have the word "CHC" in the wedding gift.
 I got to find a nice packaging for this. Since the gift was pretty big and extremely fragile, it's kind of hard to find a nice suitable sized box for it. Many were either too big or too small. In the end, I got the bag above. Works like a charm with a good base and help. I cut out 2 piece of polystyrene board though. One for the base and the other cut out with an empty circle in the middle so that the gift could fit.The gift is delivered on Sunday. I was even excited to deliver the gift!

You have come to the end of my post! Hope you enjoyed it! Well, see you guys soon again! Tata for now!

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