Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Awkwardness Revealed

Hey beautiful people living in this beautiful world! Remember this little guy from my previous post?
 If you don't, well, READ my previous post! Kidding. No, but really. You should read it.
Fine, I'm just too over the moon finding an awkward rhino sitting by my bedside. And you know what? I've found out who my awkward surprises were from! I received a card from the mysterious people. Would you like to know the names now o later?

Okay, I couldn't help not to tell you now. Here goes : 
1. Loveen Tan
2. Yong Loon 
3. Sung Lin
4. Darren Seow
5, Dicvinn
6. Ethan Soh
7. Jeremiah

The gift is from all of them! Aww. Aren't they the sweetest? Wish I could bear-hug em all!
Thanks Loveen (My super amazing bestie), for making the card, and coming up with the idea together with Yong Loon (My awesome kor). Thanks Yong Loon to drop the awkward rhino at my house in an awkwardly orange bag. I heard Darren Seow was the one who settled the shipping. Aww. Thank you! <3 Thanks everyone for chipping in, playing along that it wasn't from any of you (and playing if off so well) and well, loving me! yay! You guys are the best!
 A beautiful and adorable card made by Loveen Tan!
 They all shared to get me this gift! The awkward rhino which I wanted for so long! I feel so blessed and loved by them! Thank God for them in my lives!
 The little messages from my friends. Ahh.. Thank you sooooooo much for the gift! I really really appreciate it a lot! The gift, the card, the little messages. Thank you! You guys made my day!

Well, that is all for today's post. Thank you for dropping by! Love you guys!

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