Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tutorial : Sugar Glider's Dining Hall

Say what? A sugar glider needs a dining hall (Glider Kitchen)? The answer is YES - if you want things to be more convenient for the cage cleaner! Now, I don't have to wash the cage every day! I wash it about every 3/4 days or so? It makes so much difference! Not many of you may have a glider, but I guess there's no harm in sharing how to make one. It could be made for a hamster, a bird, or other small animals - (some would need to be changed to a different kind of container though, like the hamster's. If the door's too high, the hamster wouldn't be able to enter in the first place.) Here goes :

 Mark out where you'd like the entrance to be. I made it a little too big though, but it's fine. (It works perfectly like how I thought it would) Once that is done, use a blade to carefully cut a straight opening in the container, then use a scissors to cut the whole piece you marked out.
 It'll look something like this. I removed the cap for now cause it's easier to cut this way.
 For sugar gliders, they like to go on high places, so I would need to hook it up. Besides, being on lower ground means ants would reach it faster. I used 2 thumb tacks to pierce a hole on the top of the container. Make sure that the holes are directly opposite each other, else the container would be slanted when fixed on. I never measured, but you could always do that first to be sure.
 Used tweezers to make the hole bigger. Just enough to fit the chain. If it's too big, you'll need to put something even bigger inside. Best to be just nice/slightly bigger for the chain, and smaller than a jump ring (I'm using that for the inside - possible to use other things too)
 Let the chain go through the hole, and hook the end with a jump ring or something larger than the hole. Fix them on both sides with the same chain. I added a bell to each side too - thought it would be cute.
 Find the middle of the chain, and cut the middle piece with a wire cutter. Add a lobster clasp on one side, and a jump ring on the other. This is for you to hook it on the top of the cage.
 Just one last step. You wouldn't want your pet to be hurt, right? It's time to fix the sides so it's not sharp and pokey. I did this by using a hot glue gun to glue the sides. If you don't have a hot glue gun, you could use tape as well, just make sure it's fixed properly and no sticky sides are shown - make it thicker as well as it wouldn't make much difference if it's a thin layer.
 The result of mine with using hot glue gun. It wouldn't be easy to get a very beautiful smooth line though. I wanted to use the glue as a decoration by making extra glue drip slightly on the top of the door like how snow/icicles would be, but it was late and I just wanted to quickly finish it up. Well, that's it! It's done!
 Before fixing it up. (Just finish washing the cage, which is why the cloth is right beside it)
 Tadaa! I hook it up near the orange chain where Criscille would be able to reach it easily. If I hooked it alone in the middle, it would be pretty hard to get in as the tupperware is smooth plastic with nothing to grip on. For those who never met Criscille, here's a few pictures of her!
Baby Criscille
Peeking out of my jacket's pocket!
Exploring my bag.

 Criscille and I. The first picture is green because it's on night vision. Sugar Gliders are nocturnal and usually prefer playing at night in the dark. Criscille loves to hop on my head like how she did in the 2nd picture. The third picture was when Criscille wanted to climb off me to the floor and I lift my leg up so she couldn't. If she starts running on the floor, she'd hide everywhere and catch tons of dust all around her.
 One of the cutest picture I have of Criscille! She climbed in so I closed the top and she tried squeezing out. She looks like she's saying hi from her 'bedroom' window!

That's all about Criscille and the tutorial! Here's a random picture of a durian puff I ate today!
It's really good! Like really really good! Got it from Casamia Bakery Cakehouse in ss15! 
Here's their address if I tempted you to go get one : 72, Jalan SS 15/4B, 47500 Subang Jaya.

That's all! Bye! Have a great day!

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