Friday, 27 January 2012

CNY And A Car Accident

Chinese New Year is here! It's the time of the year where people stuff themselves with yummy food and try to reduce their weight in the days after!
 This was our breakfast on Saturday! We ate at Ipoh in the morning then plan to head over to Penang before going to Kedah. We didn't manage to follow our plans though, because, on the way there, something else happened. Oppsie daisies!

 7 cars were piled up together. My family's car was the 6th.
 Thank goodness Mercs is a hardy car. None of us got injured. Mom had a slight pain on her chest, but it's just a minor thing. Everything else was fine.

  The tow truck came, and we sat in the car while being towed!

 Ohh.. why put a sad face when you can still smile and brighten up your day in such a situation?
Our first family photo in 2012. What a lovely picture. Anyways, the person at the workshop was nice enough to borrow us a Gen 2 to use. We transferred all our stuff and went straight to grandma's house in Kedah. Here's a little tour around my grandma's house. Nothing fancy, but still loveable.

 Oh! And we found a huge lizard! It's the size of my palm (excluding it's tail) !
 It looks a little like a fish in the picture, doesn't it? My uncle caught it and released it outside.
  Reunion dinner (Dad's side of the family)
 Mom's trying to take a picture of her and dad with the front camera!
We went over to my other grandma's house the next day. Grandma stays with one of my uncle.
 Uncle's new puppy - Lucky!
Playing 'The Message' with cousins! We had more players, but they were busy washing dishes when I took this picture.
My grandma from mom's side.
My grandma from dad's side.
 Here are a few pictures of my niece and nephews. And me of course!
 My youngest niece. It's pretty hard to get her to smile. Tickling her doesn't work either.
 Mynn Mynn, she's always happy to be in pictures!

 Zjern Zjern. Mynn's brother. He likes to take pictures of things rather than being in the pictures.

Well, that's all for today's post! I shall post more tomorrow. I just got my IGCSE results yesterday, so I might post about that, and maybe another post on I.O Camp which I promised, but haven't done so. Toodles!

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