Monday, 2 January 2012

SUPERMOM Training 101.

Dear kakak, why do you have to leave for a month?
 Drove my maid to the airport the other day at 4am. My maid's like my good buddy. She bullies me all the time though. On the 2nd last day she's leaving, she said : "Today must bully you more oh. I balik sudah tak ada orang bully." And on the very last day that she's around, she said : "Aiyoh. I pergi, sudah tak ada orang bully kamu." How nice of her, she's so concerned about me.
My maid's shorter than I am!
After dear kakak went back to her hometown, our whole family had to keep the house up and running! What bad news. But you know what? Let's turn this into a positive thought - Let the SUPERMOM Training 101 begin! Hoorah!
 This is me in my 'cleaning outfit' today! My sister and I bought gloves and mask specially for this occasion. I didn't wear an old ugly shirt because this morning, I went out for a jog with Ethan Soh, Jeremy Tan and Ian How. My shirt was already drenched in sweat when I reached home, so I decided to wear it for cleaning and then bath after. I cleaned Criscille(My Sugar Glider)'s cage for the very first time! It should be my job in the first place, but well, the maid was around and I was busy. *Innocent eyes* I'm actually very proud of myself this time. I dismantled the whole 2ft tall cage and scrubbed everything! Every single bit of the cage - even reached into the tiny corners and washed her toy and bottle as well! Once I finished, I left it under the sun to dry. It took 49mins in total.

Right after cleaning, I took a nice bath, washed my hair and flew off to have my board game session with my bunch of friends from church! Sadly, I forgot to take pictures with them, or of us playing the games - I shall remember next time. We played at McDonald first, then went over to 'Classroom' in ss15.
 Started laughing when I saw this chair my friend was sitting on. Here's a closeup picture :
After the many hours of board games, we went to Salmon Steak for dinner and then left for home. It was a really great day. I got to try out 4 new games and also play 'The Message' for the 2nd time! Plan to get 'The Message' to bring back and play for CNY. I'm extremely happy today, I hope you are too! Well, that's it. Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

Summary of what I did today :
1. Went jogging
2. Cleaned Criscille's cage (First time)
3. Played tons of new games with awesome people
4. Blog in my SUPERMOM blog that I love so very much

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