Friday, 27 January 2012

Tutorial : Stone Alphabets

Hey people! It's been a while since there's anything crafty in here, hasn't it? Well, here's a very very short tutorial on making stone alphabets which you could use to decorate books, cards or any other things! It could also be stone drawings rather than just alphabets!
 These are how they look like. The plain ones are the back of the 'stones'. The materials for this though, may be slightly harder to find. Instead of using the regular shrink plastic, I cut out styrofoam boxes with the symbol 'recycle 6'

Ignore the disc cover and plastic cutlery in the picture. Be careful when collecting styrofoam boxes/cups/plates for this though, you have to make sure that it has the number 6. Most of the ones I found outside are number 5 - which will not work.
 Cut the pieces out into squares/triangles or any other shapes and write an alphabet in the middle.
 Place a piece of tin foil sprinkled with baby powder. Then place the cut outs in the oven at 110 degree Celsius for 10minutes. Leave it to cool inside the oven.
 They'll come out like this in the end. Slightly yellowish brown with the alphabets in the middle. Hope you enjoyed this post! Woohoo!

Before I go, I've got great news! I just got my IGCSE results, and.... jeng jeng jeng jeng!!!
 I'm so happy with my results! I was hoping for an A in math though, but a B is great too! I've improved a lot from before! I'm extremely proud of my Biology results which got an A* with 92 out of 100! And I'm also over the moon that I got A for English First Language. It's not an easy paper, and I thought that I went out of topic in the essay. I was extremely worried about the english paper and was expecting a B or a C though I prayed very hard for an A. God answered my prayers! All glory goes to God!
 My physics was a core paper (Easier paper, Maximum C), so I already expected that C. I expected A for Chemistry but was also slightly doubtful as my Chemistry was never as good as the other subjects. Everything turned out well though. The teachers are Sirius Scholar are amazing and they pulled us through. Without them, these results will never come to past!
 In total, my 7 subjects resulted in 3A*, 2A, 1B & 1C. 
I am a happy child. A very happy child.

After getting my results, my family and I went to Lowyat to hunt for my new desktop. I'm getting it because I need illustrator for my college work, which is not supported by my laptop. Daddy decided it would be both my birthday present and my reward for good results! Both my parents paid for this super expensive machine, and I love them to bits! Thank you dad & mom! You're the best!
 I don't know much about computers, so I got the specs and stuff from my friends and got parts. My brother helped me get some stuff upgraded too. From what I know, it's a superb computer!
My already messy room managed to make space for the new roomie! Well, that's all for today's post! Thanks for dropping by! Love you guys! Cheers! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Congrats! Well done and enjoy your new roomie!