Friday, 3 February 2012

My 18th Birthday!

"Wo-oh! I want some more!, Wo-oh! What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Take a bite of my heart tonight!"
The boys (Ethan, YongLoon, Jeremiah & Justin) were over at my house recording a cover (Animal - Neon Trees) on 31st Jan. Then, the clock strike 12! My family brought the cake out and started singing "Happy Birthday".

 Guinea pig wasn't here yet. (For those of you who don't know, I always call Ethan guinea pig)
 After a while, guinea pig finally arrived! Yong Loon and him brought a cake in. They protected the candles from the wind though it was unlit, asking me to quickly make a wish and blow the candles off. I acted along, it was fun. It made me laugh. 
My imaginary-lit-up candles on the unimaginary cake!
I am really really blessed on this birthday of mine. On Wednesday itself, Yumey cooked a meal for me!
 and Ee Jian treat me to a 4-Course Lunch by the culinary students!
Ling Wai accompanied me there. <3

 I couldn't get all of the pictures of the food as we were slightly rushing for class towards the end.
My last class on that day ended 45mins early! I went down to the foyer to find blue helium balloons, 2 sunflowers and a box from Delicious. And of course a whole bunch of my friends ( Shaujin, Yumey, XiangTing, LingWai, JasonOng, KeanYing, PeiKai, JenSion, Elly, Moses ). Still, I did not suspect a thing. In my mind, I thought they the balloons and sunflowers belonged to the seniors. Shaujn burst right then, she said "This, this and this! All for you one lahhhh!!!!!". They then pushed me away asking me to pretend I don't know while they prepare.
 EeJian and Pouya came by too! I've only met Pouya trice, but once he heard that it's my birthday, he went over to Sunway's bookstore to get a penguin plush for me! How sweet of him!
 The Sunflowers! Aren't they beautiful? They're still alive in my bedroom!
 Beautiful my bag with bright Sunflowers!
 Another birthday cake by my beloved cell group and a few others! I'm so blessed this birthday!

Oh! And I got sabo-ed this year! Hopefully I could get hold of the pictures soon so I could show you guys. I enjoyed my birthday a lot! Thank you everyone!! For the blessings, and the wishes (some of them has the word supermom & supermama in it!).

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