Tuesday, 21 February 2012

USJ11 Junk Sale

On the 18th of February, a Saturday, a junk sale was held in USJ11/7.
 I heard about it through Ling Wai. Her sister's friend was the host. I decided to join in and get rid of all my junk that has stood still and caught dust all these while. We all arrived at 8am to set up, and it looked like this :
It looks pretty cool doesn't it? I liked how the peg boards were used for hanging accessories.
Cheap accessories! What more could you ask for?
Some of these clothes were going out for only RM3! Others RM5 and slightly more.
Little trinkets. Soft toys and key chains were being sold. Many of them are brand new and only lived in a glass display. Books at the junk sale went as low as RM3.
 They had some pretty cool stuff and I was tempted to buy them. It's all so cheap! I told myself I wouldn't buy it unless no one bought it and the end of the day though. Some of the items there were not even worn, but sold at only RM5 each. Some prices went as low as RM2!

 Those in the box are going for RM2 each!
 Drama movies!
 I fell in love with this jacket! It's so adorable and has only been worn once! It was going for RM15 and I was so tempted! I didn't buy it though, helped a friend buy it first after promoting it through Facebook.
 I wanted to get the shoes on the very right of the picture. Maybe I'll get it in the next junk sale!
 I kinda like these too. They looked lovely. Sadly, I seldom wear accessories except for those I make myself or are given by people.
Some of the guys promoting the junk sale by the road side.

 Well, that is all for the junk sale in February! We're planning to have another one in March! This time, it'll be at my place. So, be sure to drop by and have a look! Who knows, our junk, could be your TREASURE. Oh! And you've got to bring your own shopping bag! Save the earth! That's all! I shall update you guys once again when the time comes. Have a lovely day! Bye!

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