Monday, 6 February 2012

...It's Wong Fu Weekends!!

4th February 2012! The day where Wong Fu is finally in Malaysia!
 Off to WongFuKL at Taylors Lakeside with my wet hair! Oppsies.

 It was pretty early, so my friend and I walked around Taylors. Did you know that 'TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY' is written on top of the building with the logo?
Guess who I got to meet! It's Jin from ! Woots!
 VIP ticket + WongFu poster with their signatures! Sadly, Ted's isn't there. I didn't get a nice picture with Philip or Wesley during the meet & greet. It was a little too rushed and my friend was before me. A little hard to take the picture that quick. Aww mann. Anyhow, someone manage to get this picture :
 I don't care how my face looks! You can see Wesley in it! Be jealous, be very jealous! (Though there are still those people who got to hug them!) I was too excited to think and didn't hug them then. Oh well. They say they'll come back soon with ISA! Ahh! Can't wait!
A few friends I made at WongFuKL. <3 It was Melanie and Jamie's birthday then (Both girls in red). I'm sure WongFu made their day! That's all for now. Still waiting for more pictures and the interview by MalaysiaSaya to be posted. Stay tuned!

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