Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The First Week Of College

Meet my new friend, Dumblebee! Or you could call it "Dibby!" She's a christmas gift by Wei Mund, and I love her so! Anything involving bumblebees are extremely adorable, won't you agree?
 Oh! And I also have a sewing machine! Yeap, a sewing machine. Sadly, it's not a real sewing machine, but a charm necklace. I still love it to bits though! As for the real sewing machine, I really got to chase dad for it already. Anyways, this lovely necklace is given by Ling Wai! She's another crafty girl who loves handmade stuff just like me! We're in the same college now and it's great to hang out with her!

Let's continue on talking about college. Since I've already started classes. Today is my third day of classes and I love it to bits! On the first day of International Business class, my lecturer - Mr.D.Leonard (Mr.Dave) announced : "First thing you do, take out your pen and mark Bowling on January 19th!" Isn't that cool? My lecturer's already booking us for an outing on the very first day! Oh how I love CIMP. My placement test for english resulted in me going for 4C class which is the average class. The lecturer (Mr.Tan) found out I took o levels first language and decided to have a look at my placement test. I changed from 4C to 4U (Harder) after that. It's great to hear that I could go for 4U though it would definitely be harder. I know I can learn and enjoy it more there. Because I changed my timetable for 4C turning into 4U, I didn't have Comm Tech class on my first day, but 2 english classes. On the second day, which is my first day with comm tech, this is what we did :

 Drawing! We were given a paper with a blank box to draw 20 items that pops into our mind.
What I wore to college today. A penguin top!
Meet my college peeps! Though we have different classes, we usually meet up on Period 4 for lunch. Here we are gathering at the CIMP tables being silly.

 I love how everyone loves the camera!

After my last class that finished at 4pm, I went over to the CIMP tables and sat with a couple of friends. Then, out of nowhere, I heard my name. Right in front of me stood a guinea pig and a friend named Jeremy. I immediately hopped onto my feet and flew there! I was so happy to see them there. I have no idea why, but I always am happy to see people I know. Apparently, Jeremy's checking out the college and courses, so I tagged along with them till my brother reached to fetch me home.
That is all for today. I still have college work to rush and there's bootcamp tomorrow! Alright then! Na-nights! Have an awesome week ahead, readers! I love you!

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