Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tutorial : Shrink Plastic Dress

Hey beautiful people!Have you heard of shrink plastic before? If you've read my blog posts, you've most probably heard bout it a couple of times. Anyways, today's post would be a tutorial on making a Shrink Plastic Dress Accessory.
 Print a piece of paper with a dress design. You can google for any kind of dresses.
 Get something round/square that covers the whole dress and draw around it. Place the picture of the dresses below the shrink plastic, and trace. You can just outline them and draw the designs inside yourself too! It's all up to your creativity!
 Cut them out.
 I did four of them with different colours. Colour them in with marker pens. Then, for it to be an accessory, you need to punch a hole in your shrink plastic. I punched on the top right above the round collar.
 Place it in the oven, one by one. I randomly set the temperature and time. The first one will take longer, while the other few will be faster. This is because the first one needs to wait for the oven to be heated up. It's already heated when you put the rest in after the first. I set mine to about 200 degrees and set the time to 10mins for the first one. I actually only put 100degrees and 5mins at first, but it's not shrinking yet, so I added time and heat. The other few will start shrinking in less than 2 minutes.

 If you have a transparent spray paint like the above, spray a couple of coats (Spray first coat, wait for it to dry, spray second coat, repeat if necessary.) to prevent the ink running when touched. I used the exact brand above. You could get it from your local hardware shop.
Add a suitable sized jumpring to the punched hole and there you go! A new accessory. All you need to do is attach a long string for a necklace, a keyring/handphone strap for a keychain, or a short string/chain for a bracelet!
The end result! I love the green/turquoise one with pink roses the most. What about you?


  1. Ooh i've always wanted to try shrink plastic! But afraid it would make the oven toxic...would it? :S haha urs look really cutee

  2. Hey Anna (:
    Mmm.. I guess it would since it's plastic. I have an oven just for crafting (For Polymer Clay, Shrink Plastic, Painted Bottles, etc), so I always use that.

    If you're just doing a one time thing, it should be alright to use your regular oven. Maybe you could try to heat the oven first before placing the shrink plastic. Then it'll be like the few after the first. It'll be done in less than 2 minutes! (: