Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Old Photos

So my sister - Jessica Lew, has this Picassa Web thing where she uploads all her pictures for backup. And I've found tons of treasure!
Okay, not that treasure. I wish it was though. Nahh.. these are better.
 Check Roxy out! My little baby, not even a year old. Now, she's already FIVE years old!
 This is her a little older. Her fur looks pretty bad doesn't it? She's so much prettier now!

A couple of years back, my family and I went to Kuantan to visit my aunt. She brought me out to the market in the morning and we bought a RM1 chick. We were planning to bring home and play, then send it back to the market the next day when my family's leaving. In the end, we didn't have the time to purposely head back to the market, so I got to keep her! She was adorable. I named her Chick Chick at that time.
 So adorable! I was always with her at that time and she began to think of me as her mother. When I use my fingers and tap the food at 1 area, she follows and eats there. When I tap another area with the same kind of food, she abandon the one she was eating and follows my hand. When I tap the water, she drinks water! Ain't that cute?! She grew up to be a very pretty chick - full baby yellow with brownish leopard patterned marks only found at her neck! Not a lot of them, but good enough to look like a collar.

Some old pictures of mine :
I can sail a ship!!! I really did! (Not the whole journey though)

My hamsters - Blue & Berry

 Oh! And I went out yesterday with Xiang Ting and Jen Sion. Jen Sion has grown so so very tall. He must have a secret to that! As for Xiang Ting, I haven't seen her for 5 years now and she's still the same! Well, maybe she's grown a little crazier than before.
 That's us last time.Anyways, we went to have lunch at "The Hungry Hog" in ss15. Both of us ordered "Three Little Pigs" which are burgers with bacon, ham and pork patty! Jen Sion ordered "Bangers and Mash" which are mash potatoes and sausages. We also ordered dessert! Check out the menu.
 Bacon Ice Cream! The taste wasn't much on the bacon, but on the honey. It was actually quite okay.

Three Little Pigs
Bacon Ice Cream
That's all for this post! I can't seem to arrange the pictures properly. Wanted to put the ice cream picture below the menu picture. Oh well. Thanks for dropping by! Have a lovely day!

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