Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Love Is A Verb

Hey everyone! How's everyone doing? Since I've finished form5, I've had more time to spend with my primary school mates and high school mates. Some of which I haven't seen for 5 years! Anyways, on one of the outings with them, I went to pyramid and came to a booth called 'Love Is A Verb'. I also came to know about it through church, so I decided to visit it. This event is organized to fulfill the wishes of orphans, old folks and disabled people - some of which who only wants some groceries, diapers, educational toys/books, etc.
This picture was taken last year.
This picture is ALSO taken last year.
Forgot to take a few pictures of my own. Anyways, all you had to do was to browse through those wishes hung on the xmas tree with the details of the wish-er, pick one, go shopping and come back with the gift! It's that simple! As for me this time, I've picked one that says she wanted a necklace. And I thought "Hey! I could make her one!"
 And I made her this, something with her name on. Remember the mini booklet keychains I made before? It's the same thing, except I place this on a necklace.

There are more pages than what you see above of course, but I didn't upload everything. I hope she likes it. I'm not sure if handmade stuff would be something she like though, so I also got her something that is not handmade by me. Packaged both necklaces together.

And that is all! Merry Christmas everyone! May you have an awesome time!

Oh! Hold up! I forgot to tell you something! There's something happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Check out the Christmas Production - ChromeHeart by City Harvest Church! Trailer : http://www.chc.org.my/chromeheart/ . It's going to be an amazing production. It's our very first production in our new church building, and it is also the biggest production we've ever had! Enjoyed those previous productions we've had? This one will be BETTER. Really. It will blow your minds off! So make sure you come by early alright? I'd suggest at least an hour early as the seats are always taken up real fast! Let me know if you'd like to join me on any of the dates above. Thank you! Also, I'm helping with props!!! *smiles*

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