Wednesday, 28 December 2011

BoxOfHobbies Is Back!

This morning, my plan was to start crafting at 11am. I woke up at about 10am+ and came online. My plans didn't turn out the way it's supposed to. I decided to clean up my room first as there were still bunch of clothes on my bed thanks to the trip at Thailand. I slept horizontally/diagonally instead of the usual vertical way cause the pile of clothes were there. After cleaning up (I slacked once in a while), the clock stroked 3pm! No more fooling around! Time to get something done for BoxOfHobbies!

These Flowers and Fortune Cookies are done a very long time ago, but some small things were not done. And thus, I fixed it up and placed it online for sale. It's available at BoxOfHobbies if you're interested.

 The flowers were made into brooches and sets of necklace & earrings as shown above.
As for the fortune cookies, 5 of them with the hearts are necklaces where you could put a message in if you're giving it as a gift. You could even have the message for yourself! Another 5 plain ones are being sold for RM5 each as keychains. Mini sized fortune cookies were also made into earrings! I'm very happy with all of these. They look great! Especially the flowers, and I love how a message could be added to the fortune cookie necklace. Not too happy about the keychains though, that's why it's only sold for RM5.

Other than those touch up for previously made items, I decided to play around with buttons. I've made a pair of button earrings and a beach-coloured button bracelet for myself once. I'm very very proud of it and it's most probably the only accessory you'd see me wearing (other than my other handmade rainbow bracelet - The one made during EmergeJunior'11).

These pink and blue buttons were bought from Thailand. It was neither cheap nor too expensive, so I only bought 2 packets. Kinda wish I bought more though, would be fun having more colours to play with. Here's what I did with them :
 "The buttons are fixed on randomly, which gives more style to the bracelet. Some parts have a couple of buttons close by, and some parts would have spaces in between."
I made them into button bracelets! They're for sale now on BoxOfHobbies too! Only RM10 each! My favourite here is Ocean Blue. I love Beach Golden and Ocean Green a lot as well. There's only one of each in these 3 colours mentioned though.
2 button earrings were also made today! One pair (BS003) have the same style but different size. If you notice carefully, the left button is bigger than the right button. It was purposely fixed on like that, I kinda like to wear stuff like these last time - I find it cute. As for BS004, they're both white, have the same style, and are the same size!

That was all I did for BoxOfHobbies today. I had a lot of fun doing this and it was satisfying to finally be able to update BoxOfHobbies. I've been slacking too much lately! Tomorrow, I'm going for badminton in the morning, then dropping by Sunway Giza to place some products at Yii-Tou-Lifeshop, and back to crafting after! I'm so excited! I don't even know what craft I will be doing tomorrow. Perhaps I can do some "Rubbish-Made-Treasure" crafts. We'll see. Else I'll continue on making Christmas presents! Yes, I know, I'm very far behind on Christmas - Forgive me! Well, that's all folks! Thanks for dropping by! Love you guys!

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