Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dream : Mission no.3

It wasn't my first time. I was there before. My first mission there was to obtain a rare jewel. A huge pink jewel. My second time, was a diamond ring. I remember the items, but I couldn't remember how the whole mission went. All I know was that the place I was at seemed fairly familiar.

To get to that place, we had to travel. My dream only started with me already in there, I have no idea how I actually got there. It was somewhere at sea. A cement block making it like an island, surrounded by sea water and that is that. Two levels and more undiscovered places (I know there are places I haven't discovered, it's not in my dream, but I know there is). Below the lowest level was covered with sea. Only a small square of cement sat at the bottom of each pillar on the four sides. This time, I was searching for an object. I can't recall what it was, perhaps another diamond? I can't remember. There were nets all around. I hopped from one to the other and found myself looking down to a rusty old brown ship. Huge as it is, it was stuck there on purpose. I didn't bother to check the ship out, there were lights inside though. I simply got up to the cement floor above where they had a shop.

The whole place was a shop, the only part that wasn't was on the left side where a staircase was built. That was where the object was kept at. It was like some bulk shop, you get cheaper when you buy those stuff in bulk. The set up seemed like a mini library, only thing was that it wasn't books. They didn't have that many items to sell though, there were many empty spaces between each object. I can't really remember what items I saw. The only two items I remember was not among the other items, but above a shelf at a counter. A huge teddy bear and a huge box of kit kat - size of 8 shoe boxes stacked together. The teddy bear was charged for RM300+ each, but if you buy 300 at once, each only cost about RM26! My dream's messing with me! Anyways, I can't remember the process of obtaining the object, but I did, with the help of my 'gang' of spies/secret agents, whatever you want to call us. I haven't mention bout them before, cause in the beginning of my dream, I only know I was there. My, myself and I. I don't know where they pop up from, but dreams are always like that aren't they? You just know you had partners though you don't see them. Oh, and also, I don't know if I'm the good guy or the bad guy in my dream. I just know what I'm suppose to do is to get that object.

As soon as I got the item, I had a nose bleed. So I stuffed tissue in my nose and waited a while. On my right were 2 guys. One a younger charming guy with brown eyes and brown wavy hair, and another an old man with stubble around his chin and grey hair. The old man was just there, I can't remember anything about him. As for the young guy, he had a sword which he wrapped to my head with some cloth. *Yes, weirdo alert. Dreams are like that, forgive them* From there, I can't remember what happened, but it was a totally different scene. The two guys were gone, and my sister was with me.

We were trying to sneak the sword from the guy out of the shop. The aim was the sword now. Then there was this weird worker whose name tag wrote "SG Guy" which means "Singapore Guy". He said he don't know his name cause he wasn't from Malaysia. O..kay. Weird. I asked him what his name was when he's in Singapore and yes, he does have a name. It starts with a D, but I can't remember what. It sounded funny. Anyways, my sister and I held some toy swords as well, all of them looked different, and somehow that SG Guy noticed that the one sword we wanted to sneak out was never in the shop before. He said he didn't see it around before. I quickly changed the topic asking my sister to go the another section. Then we placed each sword (both real and fake) into a long blue bag with white words printed on top. Same kind of bag you'd put a long tripod stand in, with the zip on one side. We brought it back to the counter and SG Guy gave us suspicious stares, he even crawled to get a closer look. As if we couldn't see him. We were planning to zip open the bags one by one at the counter showing what other stuff it contained inside and somehow sneak the one containing the real sword, maybe by counting one of the toys twice.

All of a sudden, Bryan popped into my dream. He was in my team, and he was messing around with the system at the counter. Typing in stuff to the computer there and stuff. The manager didn't notice him because he himself was arguing with a big tough muscular guy with dark skin, unshaven chin, and tattoos on his biceps. SG Guy never noticed him as well because he's got his eyes on my sister and I like we were some zoo animal. We got through to the counter and got all our swords in the end. (I don't know what Bryan messed with the computer for). We asked for our room key (apparently we had a room rented from upstairs, which I didn't know till this stage of the dream) and the chinese manager guy said our 'kids' took it. Yeap, he said kids, though I have no idea how it is possible he believed the brown haired bloke and the old guy was our KIDS. Friends maybe, but kids? Oh well. At that moment, I thought. Well, you left me no choice. We've got to get our object by hunting you down. Fair deal, you've got what we want, and we've got your somewhat special sword.

As ready as my team and I was to hunt them down, we went up a level and found the placed beautifully done up like a very grand room. A long dining table was placed on the right of the room with a bunch of our 'secret agent/spy/friend' people. I don't know what you call them, but yeah. So we put the object hunting to a stop for a while and settled down. I hopped onto a net and off again to the end of the long long long long long dining table. One of the guy in my team did the same and sat opposite me. I never seen him before in this dream of mine, but as I said, dreams are weird. I just know that I do know him and he was helping me the whole while before this. I wanted to high-5 him, but he gave me some weird sign. He had both hands showing an "L". Index finger facing upwards and thumb facing himself - representing a rocket. He made the 'rockets' flew up and cross each other, then straightened it and pointed towards me. *Sorry if you can't picture it. Blame my dream, will you?* I didn't know what to do, so I did the same back at him.

Soon, our food arrived, but not the fork and spoon. I made fun pretending we had to use our hands to eat, just to notice Joey was sitting right beside him eating with her hands while everyone else was using proper cutlery. Though still waiting for the cutlery, my mind was still thinking. "The adventure has just begun", knowing that the object for my mission is in the other guy's hands.

The end! I woke up. It was a fairly good ending though. Usually dreams leave you a whole bunch of mysteries. Since I wrote a whole bunch of stuff and I'm actually rushing off elsewhere, I didn't double check it for anything. Forgive me if I made any mistakes. Whee! Bye!

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