Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sketch Book No.6

I used to draw a lot, but then stopped as time was not as friendly to me as I wished it would be. Recently, I manage to stay up late and start a drawing. I continued the next morning and did another one too. Sadly though, my patience the next morning was not the same as the previous night, so I somewhat rushed through it a little. I still like the end result though. Have a look :
 A very handsome eagle. His left wing (Right in the drawing)'s a bit off though. It should be higher and more towards the back of his body.
A Dalmatian. I started out and already thought that it may not look as nice, but continued on to see the outcome. It was better than I expected, but it could be improved. These 2 drawings finished up my current sketch book pages - Sketch Book No.6. A new one shall be 'born' soon! That is all I've got to share today! Thanks for dropping by!

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