Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tutorial : How To Make Sea Glass

 Fake Sea Glass.
They always make really amazing jewellery pieces!
 They can turn them into something more complicated,
 or even something real simple like these earrings.
and yet, they still look absolutely lovely. Don't you agree?
Simple and sweet!

Well, here's a tutorial on how to make sea glass. You kinda need a cement mixer for this though.
I don't have one, so I am just sharing the tutorial from what I know.

What you'll need:
  • glass
  • a hammer
  • gloves and eye protection
  • cement mixer
  • water
  • sand
  • face mask
Step 1 : Collect glass (Preferably thick ones)
Do remember to remove labels and also clean the glass. Labels can be removed with dish soap and warm water or perhaps you can try heating the glue up with a hairdryer and wipe it off with a cloth while warm.
Step 2 : Break the bottle into pieces
Be sure to wear something to protect yourself from shattered glass. Wear a goggles, gloves and shoes. Probably long sleeves would help as well.
Break them in a plastic or metal box to help reduce the amount of shattered glass to fly everywhere. Then pour them into a cement mixer. Do also wear a face mask to prevent breathing in glass dust.

Add in :
  • glass (one or two kilos)
  • water (5 litres)
  • sand (some rough sand to smoothen the glass pieces)
 Leave it for about 1 hour and then rinse some to check it it's smoother. If it is not smooth enough, you can probably leave for about 2 or 3 more hours. For really thick glass, 4 to 5 hours is fine as well, but do check every hour or two.

Take it out, rinse and ta-daaaa! You've got sea glass!
The End! Bye!

p/s: pictures are taken online.

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