Monday, 22 April 2013

Blood Donation 2013

 Hi everyone!
How much do you love your blood? I love mine so much that I just had to share it with others!
It's just like when I did here. The blood donation drive was held in my church (City Harvest KL) by Community Care.

I haven't donated for a while now, and was once again excited for it. I couldn't remember how it felt like the first time, whether it was painful or not. So, honestly, I was a tinsy winsy afraid. Yet, at the same time, excited. Just like the very first time. I remember I brought my video camera once. (I actually brought it again this time, but never got to use it at all)
 I actually am not very sure how many times I donated for the book record and the sticker records were different. Oh well. I guess I just got to make sure I bring my book every single time in the future.

You can see a few pictures of my previous donation here, with pictures of the procedure and so on, but here's a new picture! I'm pretty glad to be able to take this shot :
 *No. I'm not sick. I just find these things interesting.*
The nurse just started to poke the huge needle in.
 and tadaa! Then it's covered. 
 Didn't manage to take a picture of my blood sack this time.
 Well, that's all. It's just a really random and short post.

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