Sunday, 25 September 2011

Give Blood, Give Life.

Blood. My church had a blood donation drive today! I donated once before in June, and this is my second time! It was quite exciting for me when I donated the first time, and it's still really exciting for me now. Somehow I just find these things interesting. Check out the photos!
Look! That's my blood! The blue droplet is some chemical that's going to be mixed with my blood.

 See the dots? Haemoglobin? Anyways, this test thing shows I have B blood type. What about you?

 Don't worry. It doesn't hurt at all. You should try next time.
 Two samples of my blood to be tested.
 My blood sack being filled!

That girl there is Grace, she's from children church and it's her first time watching someone donate blood close up! Anyways, If you want to donate blood but didn't get to today, we have another blood donation drive on Dec 18th! So pump up your blood, and come along! We want your precious blood! *evil grins*

Oh. Guess what? Yesterday, I found out that preparing food is also like sewing! How?

 I pricked my finger with a satay stick! It makes me think of sewing.
 I also found out that my school's theater showcase will be held in CITY HARVEST KL old building! I was so surprised!! I even double checked the address. Well, that's all. Will post more soon. Have a great day!


  1. I guess my brother is there helping too. He's in the Leo Club in monash. Gonna be president soon i guess. xD

  2. Your brother is helping where? This blood donation is by my church one. Not in Monash (: