Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Beginning Of This Blog

What day? The day I have a bloggie named 'thejourneyofaSUPERMOM' ! I've wanted to make a blog called this for some time now, but didn't think I had the time to. Now that I've changed my email, I guess it was time to make this. Honestly, my heart just couldn't resist! I HAD to make it NOW! Anyways, I'm currently having trials for my IGCSE now. Yes. I ain't no real SUPERMOM yet, but I have big dreams of being one. I'm only 17 now and am in love with 2 things. A lot of things.. but these 2 are the main ones.

1. Kids
2. Crafts

Tadaaaa!!! The Supermom-to-be has spoken. Hahaha! I shall be posting more after exams [finals are from 25th Oct till mid Nov.]. Perhaps post some stuff about what I learnt in life and also my beloved crafts! I shall post how I make them too next time! Happy Happy Day for has been born! And now I'm off to church with my beautiful sister and handsome brother! Bye!!

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