Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's Vroom Vroom Day

We waited till our numbers are called. I took the slope, parking and 3 point turn test first. And I passed right away! Thank God for that, really. I was so afraid that my wheel would not get on the yellow line, but it did! Praise God! Even though the clutch felt different [You have to lift your leg higher], I still passed! I'm pretty sure God was sitting next to me!

[Picture Removed]
My paper had everything ticked at 'Lulus' which means 'Pass'
After this, I sat down and waited for them to call my name for the road driving test.
Sorry, the picture couldn't be rotated. Not sure why. Anyways, here shows that I failed. It was the road driving test, and honestly, I really think I did real bad. The car was a different car. Even when my feet stayed still on the clutch, the car moved - which makes me think that I wasn't in the right gear, but actually I was! The gears were harder to move and they felt different. Because of this I wasn't sure of what I'm doing, so I pretty much failed because of them. If it was my instructor's car, I'm sure I'll do alright. Oh well, at least I passed the hard one - slope. All I have to do now is retake the road driving test. My officer's a very quiet guy. I said good morning and so on, but he never talked at all. Later on, my instructor told me he's very strict. At least, that made me feel much better. Well, next Tuesday's another Vroom Vroom Day. Thanks for everyone's prayers and support! I love you!

Maybe I failed the road driving cause the officer sat next to me and God couldn't sit beside me. Hmmm.

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