Monday, 19 September 2011

My Owl - Little Hoot

Say 'Hello' to Lil Hoot! She isn't completely 'born' yet, but still in the making. Sorry that I don't have bits on how I made her. [I've already finished up pretty much and forgot to take pictures before that]

 This is Lil Hoots being pieced up together. To make sure everything looks good together.
Getting her eyes onto her head. Her tummy and her right eye [left in the picture] is all sewn up. The left eye is being placed properly before sewing.
There we go! Ain't she adorable? Especially with those boogey eyes and that itty bitty beak! Her creater loves her so. Feel like having a giveaway, but this creater has decided that Lil Hoot shall be her study buddy instead! Owls DO stay up late anyways.

Hope you enjoyed today's Hootie Little post! Little Hoot shall have more photos uploaded when she's done being stuffed!

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